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Repeating, Decaying echoDelay
Creates a copy, or several copies of a signalChorus
Closely spaced sound reflectionsReverb
The amount of time between the sound and the reverbPre- Delay
Space between the levels and the peaksHeadroom
how loud the signal has to be before compression is appliedThreshold
Difference between the quietest and loudest volume of the recordingDynamic Range
Amplifies the level (dB)Make up gain
allows higher frequencies to pass through the filterHigh pass filter
Attenuates frequency - specific noise like hum by writing a "notch" out of the frequencyNotch Filter
Eq that allows you to simultaneously boost and cutPultec EQ
snapshot of the sound waveBit word
Repeating sound caused by reflection of the sound waves on a surfaceEcho
How much compression is appliedRatio
A delay introduced into an audio signal measured in degrees delayedPhase Shift
A device that produces artificial reverberation by sending vibrations across a metal plate via a transducer similar to a speaker driverPlate Verb
scattering of sound wavesDiffusion
The audible frequency range in which humans can hear. 20 Hz to 20,000 HzFrequency Spectrum
refers to the gradual introduction of compression of the signal once the sound level crosses the thresholdSoft Knee
the point where the sound begins and increases in volume to its peakAttack Time
A type of compressor that sharply reduces the gain of the signal when the audio level reaches a certain thresholdLimiter
A device, circuit or plug-in that allows a narrow band of frequencies to pass through the circuit, rejecting or attenuating frequencies that are either higher or lower than the specified range.Bandpass Filter
An equalizer in which all parameters of equalization can be adjusted to any amount, including the center frequency, the amount of boost or cut, and the bandwidth.Parametric EQ
The scenario in which there is no increase or decrease in signal strength at the output of an amplifier or device compared to the signal strength at the input (typically described as 0 dB)Unity Gain
the number of times per second that samples are takenSample Rate
drop down menu that allows you to switch between takes and subtracksPlaylists