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"southern ape-men" first to use stone tools and walkAustralopithecines
"handy human" brains 50% larger than Australopithecineshomo habilis
"up right humans" 1.5 million years ago/first incarnation human to movehomo erectus
"wise human" 250,000 years ago/began to spread outside of africa 70,000 years agohomo sapien
used stone tools and buried their dead/ wiped out by 30,000 BCEneanderthal
hunted animals and found foods that grew wildlyPaleolithic Hunters and gatherers
did not cultivate food/ food sources were unpredictablePaleolithic Hunters and gatherers
work was evenly distributed between men and womenPaleolithic Hunters and gatherers
10,000-4000 BCE "new stone" Revolution of systematic agricultureThe Neolithic Revolution
Transforming the land, planting/harvesting crops, demonstrating animals for food, fur, and burdenAgriculture
began to build settlements/ mens work (outside) women's work (inside)The Neolithic Revolution
copper+tin= bronze wide spread (3000-1200)Bronze Age
Agricultural advancements due to "modern" tools made of bronze and weaponsBronze Age
Before the bronze age/ weapons and tools were starting to be made with ironIron Age
Named by the greeks/The fertile crescent is an area between the eastern mediterranean and the Persian GulfMesopotamia
the land between the Tigris and Euphrates; site of several ancient civilizations; part of what is now known as IraqMesopotamia
(stepped towers related to gods) were a Sumerian hallmark , and began to appear in multiple cities in the regionziggurats
Led his Akkadian people to dominate most of MesopotamiaSargon warlord
Regarded as Western Civilization's first empire (c.2340-2150 BCE) a multi-ethnic group under one military rulerSargon
Sargon enforced the worship of the war deity _______ across his territoryMarduk
following the collapse of Akkadians in 2150 BCE, independent city states returned to Mesopotamia until the rise of ___Ur
Third dynasty/was the last authentic Sumerian cultureUr
another warlord who re-established imperial control over Mesopotamia from his capital, Babylon (1792-50), largely by manipulating cities against each otherHammurabi
A set of laws posted throughout the Babylon empire, was the ruler's greatest legacyThe code of Hammurabi
comprised of legal guidelines from everything from property rights to family formationThe code of Hammurabi
name of jewish book of sacred scripturehebrew bible
jewish religious leaderrabbis
most of the population was taken as____ to Babylonslaves
Israel allied with ____ states against the Assyrian Empire. It was destroyed by 8th BCESyrian
during and after the babylon captivity, _______ writing became the core of the Hebrew Biblerabbinical
David established ____ as a Hebrew capital. was the "promised land" of CanaanIsrael
began in northern Mesopotamian region/expanded to control the nileThe Assyrian Empire
first large scale iron weapon-wielding army/ unpopular to their subjectAssyrian Empire
conquered the Assyrian successors /Cyrus the great/built Persia to touch 3 continentsThe Persian Empire
liberated the Jews from the Babylon captivityThe Persian Empire
divided in 20 providences called satrapies (ruled by sataps)The Persian Empire
Persians practice _____Zoroastrainism
The early dynastic period introduced _______hieroglyphics
first pyramids and pharaohs were in what kingdomOld kingdom