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level: Level 1

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Level 1

to bewas, were, been
to beginbegan, begun
to bitebit, bitten
to blowblew, blown
to breakbroke, broken
to bringbrought
to burstburst
to catchcaught
to choosechose, chosen
to comecame, come
to dodid, done
to drawdrew, drawn
to drinkdrank, drunk
to drivedrove, driven
to eatate, eaten
to fallfell, fallen
to fightfought
to fleefled
to flyflew, flown
to taketook, taken
to freezefroze, frozen
to givegave, given
to gowent, gone
to growgrew, grown
to hanghung
to hidehid, hidden
to knowknew, known
to lay (botar)laid
to leadled
to lie (deitar)lay, lain
to lie (mentir)lied
to riderode, ridden
to ringrang, rung
to beatbeat, beaten
to riserose, risen
to runran, run
to seesaw, seen
to setset
to hithit
to hurthurt
to putput
to shakeshook, shaken
to shineshone
to showshowed, shown
to shrinkshrank, shrunk
to singsang, sung
to sitsat
to slayslew, slain
to speakspoke, spoken
to stealstole, stolen
to swearswore, sworn
to swimswam, swum
to throwthrew, thrown
to getgot, gotten
to wearwore, worn
to writewrote, written
to telltold
to saysaid
to readread
to teachtaught
to thinkthought
to seeksought
to meetmet
to makemade
to sendsent
to findfound
to lendlent
to buildbuilt
to sellsold
to havehad
to winwon
to feelfelt
to hearheard
to becomebecame, become
to buybought
to cutcut
to forgetforgot, forgotten
to spendspent
to understandunderstood
to wake upwoke up, woken up
to sleepslept
to bleedbled
to betbet
to holdheld
to forbidforbade, forbidden
to loselost
to leaveleft