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level: Membranes

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Membranes

Connective and epithelial tissue working togetherMembrane
stratified squamous keratinized epithelium, on a thick layer of connective tissue (dermis)Cutaneous membrane(the skin)
cutaneous membranestratified squamous keratinized epithelium on a thick layer of connective tissue/dermis
Lining any body cavity thats open to the outside of the bodyMucus membrane
Where is a mucus membrane located?digestive ,mouth, urinary, reproductive, respiratory
where are goblet cells found?Mucus membrane
Functions of mucuslubricating
Mucus membrane rests on a specialized connective tissue called:lamina propria
lamina propriaattaches epithelium layer to layer or whatever’s underneath (ex: muscle)
functions of lamina propriaAttached epithelium to underlying layer
Lines sealed internal cavities ( no access to outside of body)Serous membrane
Serous membrane lines:Peritoneal (digestive), Pericardial (heart), Pleural (lungs)
How many layers does a serous membrane have and what are they called?Two: visceral and parietal
ParietalFarther from organ
Closer to organVisceral
What is between layers of serous membrane?Serous fluid
What is serous fluid’s function and description?Reduces friction, oily