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Kim Conley

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Kim Conley


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    Spelling Bee Words

    Periodic Table of Elements - Matching of Atomic Mass and Numbers

    Periodic Table of Elements

    Unit 1 Words

    Colors and Numbers

    Unit 2 Latin Words

    Unit 3 Latin Words

    Unit 4 Latin Words

    Talking about your Family

    Asking the Way

    Unit 5 Latin Words

    Unit 6 Latin Words

    Unit 1 Conversations

    Unit 1 Seven Parts of Speech

    Unit 1 Common Latin Phrases

    Unit 5 - First Conjugation Verbs and Infinitives

    Art Color Words

    What is your Name?

    What do you like Eating?

    Going Shopping

    Where do you come From?

    Shopping and going to a Cafe

    Unit 4 - Primary Source: Translation

    Your Hobbies

    Arranging Things

    Months, Seasons, and Dates

    Science Formulas for Work

    Unit 3 Conversations

    Roman Numerals: Numbers 1-10

    Saying "Hello" and "Goodbye"

    Finding out what things are Called

    Your Home

    Looking for Things

    Table Talk

    Telling the Time

    Finding your way Around

    Unit 5 Conversations

    Unit 2 Conversations

    Unit 2 Cases

    Unit 2 Common Latin Phrases

    Adjectives - The Verb "Esse"

    Unit 3 Common Latin Phrases

    Modern Touch - Latin Nursery Rhymes

    Unit 4 Conversations

    Unit 4 - First Declension Cases

    Unit 4 - First Declension Cases - Example

    Unit 4 Common Latin Phrases

    Unit 5 Common Latin Phrases

    Ovid Translation


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