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AAC Quiz 2

In English

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Exciteful Leopon

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Basic communication needs and context specifics. You are able to communicate efficiently based on the context. Where the activity happens

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38 questions
Speech and speech is used as message display
Auditory Scanning is presented as ........ and used as .......
Manual sign systems
What are unaided symbols?
Intelligibility Iconicity Motoric Complexity ASL/SEE/MCE Tactile signing
What are the different types of unaided symbols?
Signs that require bi-directional movement
What complex motor complexity sign is learned first and considered easy to learn ?
Has it own grammar
ASL- American Sign Language
Braille Fingerspelling (visual- ASL and tactile - dual sensory impairment)
What are aided symbols: Orthography and Orthographic Symbols
Braille, fingerspelling, tactile
What kind of symbols would you use for individuals with a dual sensory impairment?
A good LTM
What does memory based encoding require?
Need good auditory and visual discrimination skills
What does display based encoding require?
For those who are blind the words are spoken aloud for them. The individual needs good attention and cognitive skills.
What is an auditory display/presentation and what two skills are required of the individual?
No speech output Limited number of symbols Not good for syntactic purposes
What are the limitations of a fixed screen display?
Release activation and timed activation
What are the two types of activation for physical contact direct selection?
Circular linear group-item
What are the scanning patterns?