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Animal Bio!!

In English

Created by:
Incredible Kiwi

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Bivalvia and Cephalopoda

2 classes of Mollusca

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147 questions
Bivalvia and Cephalopoda
2 classes of Mollusca
Cilia and mucous to the mouth
How does the incurrent siphon move particles into the organism
What kind of fertilization do bivalvia have
Arms or tenticles/ siphon
In Cephalopoda, what is the anterior portion of the foot modified into?
External;, internal, absent
3 types of cephalopoda shells:
The mucous will enlarge the mantle cavity to aid respiration
In cephalopoda: what does the mucus in the matle do?
Polyshaeta, Oligochaeta and Hirudinea
What are the 3 main classes of Annelida?
Do Annelida have a well developed coelomic cavity?
In Annelida: what are the excretory tubules called that are in each segment?
A protective cuticle
In Annelida: what does the epidermis secrete?
Muscle contraction
In Annelida: What is the hydrostatic skeleton good for?
What phylum does Polychaeta belong to?
First segment in annelida body
What does the prostomium consist of in Polychaeta?
At each metamere (segment)
Where are parapodia located?
Gas exchange and locomotion
2 functions of parapodia?
What are the setea bristles on parapodia made of?
Marine- benthic
Where do Polychaeta live?
The dorsal vessel(bld to anterior) and ventral vessel (bld to posterior)
What are the two blood vessels in polychaeta called?
Trochophore larva - free living
What kind of larva do polychaeta produce?
Some things about clam worms:
Which phylum do Oligochaeta belong to?
Yes- they are short
Do oligochaeta have setae?
In the epidermis
Oligochaeta: where does gas exchage occure?
The septum is a mesoderm that divides segments
Oligochaeta: What is the septum?
Oligochaeta: how many nephrida at each metamere?
No- but they can photodetect
Do oligochaeta have eyes?
Freshwater,marine. terrestrial
Where does class Hirudinea live?
On the anterior and posterior ends
Where are the sucjers on hirudinea
The move with their suckers
How do hirudinea move?
Hirudinea: what breaks down undigested food?
Do hirudiea what a fluid filled coelom?
Shedding old skin
What is ecdysis
What is the molting steroid hormone called?
Does phylum menatoda have cilia?
It allows the animal to resist external pressure
Nematoda: why is the pseudocoelom water filled?
Collogen, which is secreted by the epidermis
What is the outer cuticle in nematoda made of?
2- they run the length of the body
How many nerve cords do nematoda have?
Lives under skin
Guinea worm
Phylum Nematomorpha are parasitic to what?
Do arthropoda have septa bt. internal segments?
Arthropoda, called tracheae
What phylum have internal breathing tubes?
What clade is the phylum arthropoda on?
Merostomata, Pycnoganida, arachnida
What are the classes in subphylum Chelicerata?
Chilopeoda and diplopoda
What classes are in subphylum Myriapoda?
In Cheliceata, what are the moth parts modified into?
Do Chelicerata have antennae?
Horseshoe crabs: subphylum Chelicerata
What are class Merostomata and what subphylum do they belong to?
They are sea spiders and they belong to subphylum Chelicerata
What are class pycnoganida and what subphylum do they belong to?
What is a cephalothorax
Which class of Chelicerata has a muscular pharynx
In spiders what are modified into fangs?
How many eyes do daddyonglegs have?
Chilopoda and Diplopoda
What are the classes in subphylum Myriapoda?
How many legs on each segement do diplopoda have
Rostrum, carapace (cephalothorax and abdomen)
In subphylum Crustacea: what does the tagmata consist of
Chitin, CaCo3 and protein
In subphylum crustacea: what is the cuticle made of?
Antennules, antenea, mandibles, maxillaemaxilliped and walking legs
Crustacea: what does the cephalothorax consist of:
On the abdomen
Where are swimmerets?
Stirated- for fast/strong movement
What kinds of muscles do crustaceans have?
In antennules or urupods
Where are the statocysts in crustaceans?
Are crustaceans dioecious or monoecious?
Handle and ingest food
What do mandibles and maxillae do?
Capture/hold food
What d maxillipeds and chelipeds do?
WHat subphylum of Arthropoda have calcareos teeth in their stomach
Branchiopoda, Maxillopoda and Malacostraca
What are the classes in subphylum Crustacea
FW legs flat
Class Brachiopoda features:
Lack appendages on abdominal segments
Class Maxillopoda features
Crustacea: soft shell, isopods, amphipods, krill, decapods(lobsters/crabs)
What subphylum do Malacostraca belong to? featers?
What subphylum do class insecta belong to?
Head thorax and abdomen
Insecta: what does the tagmata include?
How many pairs of legs do insecta have
Chitin and scleroproteins
What is the cuticle made of in insecta?
Which class of arthropoda have 3 of 6 legs on the ground @ once