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1. Time management 2. Accuracy 3. Clarity 4. Courtesy 5. Challenges

i. Professional Attitude (5)

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157 questions
1. Reasonable judgment 2. Adequate knowledge 3. Adequate experience
Ii. Professional Practice does not require perfection but needs (3)
I. Liability Insurance or Errors and Omissions Insurance
What two kinds of insurance come from the employer's policy?
Secondary Insurance for further coverage and legal fees
What kind of insurance does the Association provide?
Is a licensed member responsible for software outputs and how they are used?
Leak info anonymously or personal gain, but to protect the public
What are two things a whistleblower does NOT do?
1. Power division 2. Courts creation 3. Charter of rights and freedoms
What are three features of the canadian constitution?
I. Quebec has Civil Law but some common laws might still apply
What is different about Quebec's civil code?
1. Use of a union
What does labour law allow for?
I. Ethical Theory invokes the concept of Happiness
What is the role of ethics in society?
Treat other how you’d like to be treated
What is the golden rule of ethics?
Offence related to professional integrity
In the context of the APGO act?
Lack of knowledge, skill or care for the public; same goes for certificate holders
What is professional incompetence in the context of the APGO act?
To protect public interest
What is the main duty of APGO?
In general, information posted or linked on issuers website is considered endorsed
What is considered disclosure in the context of a 43-101?
29. Interpretations 30. Recommendations 31. References
What are sections 29-31 of the 43-101(last sections?)
I. Enforcement involves the unlicensed and Discipline involves licensed members
What is the difference between enforcement and discipline?
1. Gather evidence 2. Investigation and peer review 3. Hearings
What are the three phases of the disciplinary process?
I. The Association randomly inspects the reported CPD of a small sample size each year
How often does the association inspect the reported Continued Professional Development?