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Aurora's IELTS voca

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Aurora Kang

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~을 설명하다, 차지하다

account for explain consider as deem reckon

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120 questions
~을 설명하다, 차지하다
Account for explain consider as deem reckon
~에 적응하다
Adapt to adjust to acclimate to
~에 적응하다, 조절하다
Adjust to fit adapt suit accommodate
통상, 대체로
As a rule usually on the whole
~에 좌우되어, ~의 힘의 전적으로
At the mercy of wholly in the power of
A를 B탓으로 돌리다
Attribute A to B ascribe A to B impute A to B
~하기 쉽다
Be prone to be inclined to be apt to
시대에 뒤떨어진
Behind the times out-of-date old-fashioned
~을 유발하다, 초래하다
Bring about be caused by result from
~에게 절실히 느끼게 하다
Bring home to cause one to realise
~을 수행하다, 완수하다
Carry out put something into practice implement perform fulfill attain achieve serve
~을 찾아내다, 생산하다, 제시하다
Come up with~ reach over take supply present
~로 구성되다, 이루어지다
Consist of be made up of make up compose
두각을 나타내다
Cut a fine figure make a fine appearance
~에 몰두하다
Devote oneself to give oneself to
이름을 내다, 공을 세우다
Distinguish oneself make oneself well known perform a glorious deed
~으로 나누다
Divide into break up keep apart separate split
~을 제거하다, 죽이다
Do away with abolish get rid of destroy
~을 비난하다
Find fault with~ criticise censure disapprove of
~을 위하여
For the sake of for the benefit of
~에 더하여, ~뿐 아니라, 이외에
In addition to as well as besides moreover couple with
~을 위하여, ~을 도우려고
In behalf of in the interest of
~의 면전에서, ~의 앞에서
In the presence of in front of
~의 덕분에, ~에 의하여
In virtue of by means of because of
~과 보조를 맞추다
Keep pace with change at the same speed as
~을 기록하다, 추적하다
Keep track of on the trail follow hunt
~을 참작하다, 감안하다
Make allowances for take into consideration take into account turn into advantage
성공하다 보상하다 수리하다
Make good succeed compensate for accomplish
~에 앞서, 먼저
Prior to earlier than ahead of before
~을 설명하다, 출발하다
Set forth set apart launch embark set afloat
~을 나타내다, 상징하다, 대표하다
Stand for represent serve as express
~을 흡수하다
Take up absorb soak up suck up
~로 변하다, 바뀌다
Turn into transform into convert into
~에 이르기까지, ~까지
Up to as much as a maximum of as many as
~을 다 써버리다, 닳아 없어지게 하다
Wear out no longer usable abrased
Living things life living organism living matter
집단, 군체, 서식지
Colony settlement territory habitat
Zoology the scientific study of animals
동식물군, 동식물종
Fauna and flora animals and plants in particular area
Carnivorous animal that eat meat; predatory
포식자 (반대 : prey 먹이)
Predator an animal that kills and eats other animals
Primate a member of the group of mammals
Invertebrate a creature that does not have a spine
Hibernation overwintering
자식;생겨난 것
Offspring children young family descendants
길들이다, 교화하다
Domesticate tame and raise civilise
위장, 눈가림,위장하다
Camouflage cryptic coloration mask cloak disguise cover conceal
보금자리, 둥지, 굴
Nest refuge retreat haunt
Habitat niche environment
지배적인, 두드러진
Dominant main chief prominent eminent
풍부, 유복 (반대:shortage)
Abundance copiousness plenty
끌다, 추적하다, 지나간 자국, 흔적
Trail hunt track trace chase path route way
살다, 거주하다
Dwell live inhabit reside
지속하다, 유지하다, 부양하다
Maintain continue keep preserve sustain
수정하다, 비옥하게 하다
Fertilise enrich improve the soil quality
화분, 꽃가루
Pollen a fine powder produced by flowers
Photosynthesis the way that green plants make their food using sunlight
눈, 미숙한 것, 싹트다, 자라기 시작하다
Bud shoot (발사하다 = fire, pop a cap) branch sprout develop grow burgeon
재목, 목재
Timber wood logs lumber beams
줄기; 코끼리 코
Trunk stem stalk nose
Shrub plants that have several woody stems
꽃, 꽃 피다, 개화하다
Blossom flower bloom bud floret grow develop succeed
복제하다, 번식하다
Reproduce copy duplicate multiply propagate
무리를 이루다, 떼를 짓다, 무리, 떼
Swarm teem crawl crowd flock herd
미생물, 세균, 병원균
Microbe microorganism germ bacteris
종, 종류
Species kind sort type group variety breed
종류, 다양성, 여러가지
Variety diversity change difference
계절, 때, 양념, 맛을 내다, 양념하다
Season period flavour spice flavour spice salt
균질이 되게 하다, 통일하다
Homogenise to make same quality
Liberal arts the subjects such as history, philosophy, and literature
Humanism a belief that people's spiritual and emotional needs can be satisfied
Linguistics the scientific study of language
억양, 어조
Intonation stress
어조가 강한, 단호한, 강조하는
Emphatic forceful vigorous definite
바꾸어 쓰기, 의역
Paraphrase rewording interpretation
어휘의 사전의
Lexical relating to the word of a language
Syntax words put together to make sentence
접미사 (반대 : prefix)
Suffix a letter to the end of a word to make a different word
문장, 판결, 선고, 선고하다
Sentence a writing composition punishment verdict judgement
해석하다 판독하다
Decipher explain translate understand
화폐제도; 신조어
Coinage coined word
문학, 저술, 문헌
Literature writings letters compositions
풍자, 비꼼
Satire mockery irony parody ridicule
비평, 비판
Criticism censure disapproval judgement
우화, 꾸며낸 이야기
Fable fiction fantasy story parable
Renaissance rebirth revival
금하다, 방해하다
Prohibit ban forbid prevent
같은 시대의, 현대의, 동시에 발생한
Contemporary contemporaneous current modern
구어체의, 일상 회화의
Colloquial conversable dialectic informal
훈련, 교육
Training exercise practice
강의, 강의하다
Lecture talk speak teach address lesson