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Bio Exam 2

In English

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New Turtle

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All of the following are functions of lactic acid in sweat except?

Produce a scent that influences behavior

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113 questions
All of the following statements describe the dermis except?
The dermis is the skin's most superficial layer
How does the process of sweating help the body regulate temperature?
Sweat produced on the skin will evaporate and cool the body if body temperature is too high
What factors affect hair texture?
The shaft's cross-sectional shape
What is the purpose of cornification?
To form a durable, waterproof layer on the surface of the skin
Which of the following statements is not a description of how the skin protects the body?
All of these are descriptions of how the skin protects the body
Which statement incorrectly describes a change in skin as it ages?
Blood vessels are quicker to respond to temperature regulation
Wounds that heal by fibrosis result in what?
The wound is healed with scar tissue and normal function is not restored.
Wounds that heal by regeneration result in what?
The wound is healed with the same tissue that was damaged and normal function is restored.
How is blood type determined?
By the antigens on the blood cell's surface
What is a thrombus?
A stationary, unnecessary clot
What is an embolus?
A moving, unnecessary clot
What is hemopoiesis?
The production of blood cells
What is serum?
Plasma with clotting factors removed
What makes hemoglobin a buffer?
Hemoglobin binds H+ ions
What is chyme?
All of the answers are correct
What is the function of intrinsic factor?
Allows vitamin B12 to be absorbed
Where are the submandibular salivary glands?
Inferior to the angle of the mandible on each side