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Health Test - August 24th

this was used for my health test, but if you want to learn about some Health 7, go right ahead.

In English

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avery loewe

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what are the 3 functions of the Cardiovascular system

1) delivering materials 2) removing waste 3) fighting infections

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33 questions
What are the 3 functions of the Cardiovascular system
1) delivering materials 2) removing waste 3) fighting infections
What is a heart murmur?
Extra sounds from the heart often due to valve not closed all the way
What is arrhythmia?
An irregular heartbeat
What is cardiac output?
Amount of blood ejected each minute
What is stroke volume?
Blood ejected from heart each beat
What are the three types of blood vessels?
Arteries, capillaries, and veins
What is diffusion?
The movement of materials from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
What do red blood cells do?
Carries 02 (oxygen), contains hemoglobin, and made of Fe (iron)
What do white blood cells do?
Fight infections, viruses, and bacteria
What do platelets help with?
They clot your blood and stop excessive bleeding
What's the difference in arteries and veins
Arteries go away from the heart, veins the opposite
What is atherosclerosis?
An artery wall that hardens due to plaque build up
Plaque is due to what
Excessive cholesterol
Systolic pressure is what
The pressure in arteries when heart beats
Diastolic pressure is what
Pressure in auteries when heart is at rest (between beats)
A stroke occurs when what
A clot forms in a blood vessel in the brain
What are some ways we can reduce heart disease
Exercising, not smoking, sleeping long enough, staying away from alcohol and caffeine