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Ludus 1 to 5

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Learn English From Latin

Created by:
Andrew Garlick

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ambulō, ambulāre (1)

to walk

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Ludus 1 to 5 - Details



62 questions
Habitō, habitāre (1)
To dwell, to live in
Fīlia, -ae
Occupō, occupāre (1)
To seize, to capture
Servō, servāre (1)
To save, to preserve
Superō, superāre, superavi, superatus
To defeat, to conquer, to overcome, to win
Pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum
Pretty, beautiful, handsome
Ibi (adv.)
There, in that place
Dea, -ae
Ē, ex (prep. + Ablative)
From, out from, out of
Itaque (conj.)
And so, therefore
Ōrō, ōrāre (1)
Beg, ask for, pray
Clarus, clara, clarum
Bright, famous
Hīc (adv.)
Here, in this place
Iterum (adv.)
Again, a second time
Ubi (conj.)
Where; when