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Basic Mathematics

This short course covers calculations, number types and fractions/decimals/percentages. Aimed at children aged 9+ for revision purposes, but also helpful for adults brushing up on their maths skills

In English
Basic Mathematics

Created by:
Emma Begent-Cove

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If you are putting minus numbers in order, would the lowest number be closer to 0 or further away from 0?

Further away

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Basic Mathematics - Details



50 questions
What is the definition of a whole number?
A number with no decimal point
Not all odd numbers are necessarily prime numbers, why is this?
Some odd numbers can be divided by 2 or more
Which number do you use as the decider when rounding a decimal figure up or down?
The number to the right of the last digit of decimal places you are rounding off to
How would you find the percentage figure of a number using decimals?
Divide the number by 100, then multiply the resulting decimal figure by the percentage figure
How do you work out larger figures in fractions, that are equal in size?
Multiply top and bottom figures by the same number
How do you convert a decimal figure into a fraction?
Put the number after the decimal point on top, and a figure to the power of 10 underneath, with the same amount of zeroes as there are numbers in the top figure
How would you work out a decimal figure from a fraction?
Divide the top number by the bottom number
How is a fraction written down?
One number over the top of the other, separated by a line