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1890s, sound introduced by 1920s

What year was silent cinema created?

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25 questions
1890s, sound introduced by 1920s
What year was silent cinema created?
When did cinema gain popularity?
Edison and Lumirere Brothers
Who were described as the fathers of cinema?
DW Griffiths 1915 and Samual Goldwyn
Who became known as ‘movie moguls’ in 1915?
1912, had a rating system much like it does now
When was the British Board of Film Censorship created?
Who was a pioneering war correspondent in 1854-6?
Boer 1899-1902
Who made the controversial film 'Concentration Camp'?
Lord Kitchener, telling people to join the war
Great War: 1914-18, who made the iconic poster and what was the message?
George Forby
Who made the morale boosting film ‘Let George do it’ 1940?
Attempts to influence US opine(hold and state ones opinion) against Hitler
What was the purpose of Afred Hitchcocks ‘Foreign Correspondent’ 1940?
Now that the public could see what was going on they developed their own opinions on the war... which were mixed.
How did having reporters and television during the Vietnam war effect the view from the public?