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Microbiology Overview

In English

Created by:
C.A McElhatton

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Viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and some algae


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52 questions
Metal, glass, dead insects, hair
Physical hazards examples
1µm (micrometre) = 10-3 mm
Unit of Measurement for bacteria
1 µm Spherical
Cocci bacteria
Can assume several shapes
Pleomorphic bacteria
Cocci that remain in pairs after dividing
Cocci that remain in chains after dividing
Cocci that divide in two planes and remain in groups of four
Cocci that divide in three planes and remain in groups as a cube of 8
Cocci that divide in multiple planes- grape like clusters
Capsule, flagella, pili, spore
Other structures of bacteria (4)
Have no known sexual state in their life cycle
Deuteromycetes or fungi Imperfecti
The Peptidoglycan layer accounts for what percentage of the dry weight of cell wall in many gram-positive bacteria.