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New testament Bible quiz

quiz on the bible new testament

In English
New testament Bible quiz

Created by:
Pondering Sheep

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How many books are there in the New Testament?


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New testament Bible quiz - Details



32 questions
What Does The Gospels Lead Us To Accept?
Accept Jesus In Faith And Apply His Teaching To Our Lives
Who Wrote The Gospels?
Written By People Who Were Totally Convinced That Jesus Was And Is The Messiah To Proclaim It To The World
What Does Mark Show?
Shows A Very Human, Suffering Servant God
Who Wrote Revelation?
John Of Patmos
Why Was It Written In Coded Language?
To Give Hope To Christian Facing Persecution At The Hands Of The Romans
What Was The Message Of Revelation?
Good (God/Jesus) Will Win Out Over Bad (Roman Empire/Others) In The End