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if two identical progressive waves propagating in opposite directions superpose each other then the resultant wave will be in the form of continuous loops and no energy is transferred in the medium.

stationary waves

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52 questions
1.fuel 2.moderator 3.control rods 4.shielding 5.coolant
5 essential features of a nuclear reactor
The angular momentum of a moving electron is an integral multiple of h/2pi
De broglie's explanation of bohr's second postulate
Temperature coeff of resistance
It is defined as the ratio of increase in resistance per degree centigrade rise in temperature to its resistance at 0C
Gauss law for magnestism
States that no magnetic monopoles exists and that the total flux through any closed surface must be zero.
Angle of declination
The angle between the magnetic meridian and the geographical meridian
Angle of inclination/angle of dip
The angle made by the total strength of the earths magnetic field with the horizontal line of magnetic meridian
Lenz's law
The direction of induced emf is such that it tends to oppose the change in magnetic flux that produced it.
Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction
The emf induced in a conducting loop is equal to the rate at which the magnetic flux in the conducting loop changes with time
Power factor
The cosine of the phase angle between the voltage and current in an ac circuit. cos=R/Z
Uses of IR rays
Molecular structure night time photography solar cookers/heaters physiotherapy
Uses of microwaves
Radar systems long distance com ovens
Production of microwaves
By special vaccum tubes like klystron, maagnetron, gunn diode
Is the intensity of the magnetic field applied to reduce the magnetization to zero
It is the capability to retain magnetism after the magnetization force has been ceased
Work function
The minimum amount of energy of incident photon required to eject electrons from the surface of a photometal
Photoelectric effect
The phenomenon of emission of electrons from the surface of a metal ,when a radiation of suitable frequency is incident on it
Photosensitive substances
Alkali metals because their work function is low
Same atomic number but different atomic mass
Same mass number ,diff atomic number
Same neutron number , different atomic number
The device used to rise the strength of a weak signal
Mobile phone
Space wave com