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Kerry Restrick

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this is the study of illness, involving the study of psychological and mental illnesses.

what does psychopathology mean

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psychopathology - Details



31 questions
What year did the medical model get critized?
David rosenhan
Who conducted the misdignosis experiment?
Deviant, dangerous, distress, disfunctional
What are the 4 main D words in psychopathology?
Goes against the normal behaviour
What does the term 'deviant' mean in psychopathology?
Causes the person or others distress it disturbs the being.
What does the term 'distressful' mean in psychopathology?
Causes disfunction in people lifes
What does disfunctional mean?
Deanger to themselves or others.
What does dangerous mean
Dsm - 5
What is the mental disorder book
Scared of dark and fear of bed
What is the examples of the phobias of the learning theory
Night light, door open, light on and routine
What are the cures for theses fears
Type of psychosis
What is schizophrenia
Ect, family theapy, drug theapy and cbt
What are the treatments of schizophrenia