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SLP / Counseling

In English

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Exciteful Leopon

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the right to control the direction of one's life

autonomy definition

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123 questions
Autonomy nonmaleficence beneficence justice fidelity veracity
What are the fundamental principles of ethical behavior?
Consistency rapport flexibility
What three things constitute a relationship?
View of human nature
Most important aspect of theory development is ...
Behavioral humanistic existentialism cognitive
What are the comtempoary theories of counseling?
See the world only through your lens
What is the ethnocentric worldview?
Behaviorists humanists existentialist cognitivist
Four paradigms that Luterman highlights are...
Psychotherapy and problem solving approach
What do counselors combine when treating clients? Two things..
NO but it other states they can
Can NY counselors assess or diagnose?
What mental health profession was the starting point?
1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance
How many stages of grief are there and what are they?
Not just listening to the content but also to the process (mannerisms)
What does listening with the third ear or third eye mean?
Active listening empathy non-verbal communication
What are the three critical listening skills when serving others?
Words intonation gestures and body language
What are three ways that we communicate?
Is empathy supporting and agreeing with the client?
3-5 feet
What is a comfortable distance between the clinician and client?
SOFTEN Smile Open Posture Forward lean Touch Eye contact Nod
What are the six effective non-verbal communications?
Door openers minimal encouragers
Encouragers are words that help the client confide in the help. What are some types of encouragers?
Content counter question reframing affect self-sharing affirmation
What are the 6 types of responses SLPs can have as a counselor role?
External and internal
What are the locus of control?
Narrative counseling collaborative approaches
What are two ways of practicing that come from the social constructive theory?
Power and knowledge
Paul michel foucault's work focuses on the relationship between?
Narrative counseling
Having problems when your personal life does not fit in the dominant discourse and expectations is what type of counseling
Optimism and hope
What do narrative counselors offer?
They lack drama, or do not become apart of their story
Why don't clients remember the unique outcomes?