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Unit 5 Latin Words

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Learn Latin From English

Created by:
Kim Conley

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to live
to live

habitō, habitāre

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32 questions
To live
Habitō, habitāre
To praise
Laudō, laudāre
To give
Dō, dāre
To wait for
Exspectō, exspectāre
To shout
Clāmō, clāmāre
To watch
Spectō, spectāre
To walk
Ambulō, ambulāre
To prepare
Parō, parāre
To sail
Nāvigō, nāvigāre
To swim
Natō, natāre
To sing
Cantō, cantāre
To eat
Cēnō, cēnāre
To hurry
Festinō, festināre
To work
Labōrō, labōrāre
To tell
Nārrō, nārrāre
To attack
Oppugnō, oppugnāre
To enter
Intrō, intrāre
To greet
Salūtō, salūtāre
To call
Vocō, vocāre
To worry
Vexō, vexāre
To wander
Errō, errāre
To hope
Spērō, spērāre
To help
Iuvō, iuvāre
To try
Temptō, temptāre
To wash
Lavō, lavāre
To count
Numerō, numerāre
To ask
Rogō, rogāre
To overcome
Superō, superāre
To visit
Visitō, visitāre
To waken
Excitō, excitāre
To fly
Volō, volāre
To carry
Portō, portāre