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Ian noticed that his dad hums a song while driving, e decides to hum too, he is displaying....conformity
Solomon Asch's experiments revealed that sometime people ... to group norms even when the group is incorrectconform
when someone looks to others for answers when they are unsure they are comparison
when someone conforms because they want to be accepted by the groupnormative influence
Adam was unsure how long the length of the football pitch was, but he was pretty sure Mitch's estimation of 120 metres was wrong, he agreed with him anyway. Adam showed...private conformity
Sherifs autokinetic effect induced what?private acceptance
Solomon Asch's simple-line judgements produced what?public conformity
minority slowness effectminority views slower to express
Mosovici's theory minority influencedissenters must be consistent
mosovici's studyincorrect but consistent judgements influenced dissent
Hollanders idiosyncrasy creditsensure established member before dissenting
Langers mindlessnesspeople mindlessly comply or ignore
Rob asks Adam if he wants help with his homework assignment but Adam refuses as he is wary that Rob may use this to ask him for a favour later on. Adam is showing...reciprocation ideology
A soccer coach asked his team if they wanted to go for a beach run at 10 in the morning, after they agreed, he changed it to 7 in the morning, with the players reluctantly going along. The coach used what compliance technique?lowballing
Stanley Milgram obedience studypeople pressured to obey orders
Stanley Milgrams study showed that people will ... even when asked to do harm to othersobey
people high in ... were more likely to administer hard shocksauthoritarianism
Milgram did variations of his study in a run down office, with an ordinary experimenter, and with the experimenter not watching. All three variations.... obediencereduced
... to the victim reduced shocksproximity
foot in the door techniquestart with a small request then proceed to larger ones
lowballingacquiring an agreement before changing the deal, increasing request
door in the facestart with large request, when denied make smaller one which you wanted to begin with
thats-not-all techniquestart with large request, before an answer make it smaller
what achieves compliance?saying something atypical or unusual will make people notice your request
norm of reciprocityreciprocating a favour
social impact theorystrength, immediacy, and number of conformists all contribute to social influence
people naturally ... each others ... and ...mimic; body movements; mannerisms
participants reported liking more the participants they were told to ...mimic
people have informational and normative reasons for conforming. One is caused by .... the other by ...uncertainty; fear of rejection
majority influence increase conformity for up to ... people, any more and the influence is minimalfive
Solomon Asch introduced a dissenting confederate and found it decreased conformity by ...80%
majority view exerts more influence on ... questions, minority on ... questionsfactual; opinions
Solomon Asch study: cognitive or visual task where confederates deliberately chose the wrong answer. 37% conformed the whole time and 50% at least half the time. this shows the influence pressure