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Busman sac 1

In English

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Red Stork

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is a form of business ownership where a single owner operates a business and assumes total responsibility

sole trader

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50 questions
1. Values and practices: These are the way things are done in the organisation. Examples of corporate values and practices include honesty, hard work, teamwork, quality customer service, employee participation and innovation. 2. Symbols: These are the events or objects that are established to represent something the organisation believes to be important. Organisations that believe in fostering positive competition among employees, or an active lifestyle, can organise various sporting events. Organisations that want to reinforce a strong employee development culture can offer employees the opportunity to participate in training and development programs. 3. Rituals, rites and celebrations: These are the routine behavioural patterns in an organisation’s everyday life. For example, regular social gatherings can be held to help develop a sense of belonging among employees who work in small teams during the week. 4. Heroes: Heroes, or champions, are the organisation’s successful employees who reflect its values and, therefore, act as an example for others.Corporate culture elements