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conformity, compliance and obedience

In English

Created by:
Alex Bellini

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Ian noticed that his dad hums a song while driving, e decides to hum too, he is displaying....


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33 questions
Minority slowness effect
Minority views slower to express
Mosovici's theory minority influence
Dissenters must be consistent
Mosovici's study
Incorrect but consistent judgements influenced dissent
Hollanders idiosyncrasy credits
Ensure established member before dissenting
Langers mindlessness
People mindlessly comply or ignore
Stanley Milgram obedience study
People pressured to obey orders
Foot in the door technique
Start with a small request then proceed to larger ones
Acquiring an agreement before changing the deal, increasing request
Door in the face
Start with large request, when denied make smaller one which you wanted to begin with
Thats-not-all technique
Start with large request, before an answer make it smaller
What achieves compliance?
Saying something atypical or unusual will make people notice your request
Norm of reciprocity
Reciprocating a favour
Social impact theory
Strength, immediacy, and number of conformists all contribute to social influence
People naturally ... each others ... and ...
Mimic; body movements; mannerisms