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English - Writing Basics

A short course going over the basics of understanding the structure of writing text and letters. Aimed at children for school revision, but also helpful for adults

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English - Writing Basics

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Emma Begent-Cove

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When writing an answer to a question, what is one thing you should not do without thinking first?

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English - Writing Basics - Details



49 questions
Before you start writing an answer to a question, what do you need to be sure of?
That you have read the question and understand what it is asking you to do
What is the purpose of writing informative text?
To tell the reader about a topic
How would you end an informal letter?
An informal ending plus your first name only
How do you finish a formal letter?
Your signature, with your full name typed underneath
What should be written in the top left of a formal letter?
The address of the person you are writing to
What is a paragraph?
A collection of sentences that relate to the same thing
When should you use paragraphs?
In everything you write
What is the purpose of using a paragraph?
To make your writing clearer
How do you define a paragraph when writing?
A space between the margin and first word, and a space between one paragraph and the next
If you are writing a story, when should you use a new paragraph?
Everytime something changes, for instance new people, places or times