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HTM Management & Organizations Exam 1 Curtis

In English


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a model that argues that rare and inimitable resources help firms maintain competitive advantage

resource based theory

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69 questions
Organizations gather information about relevant task behaviors using job analysis and o'net
How do organizations identify the behaviors that underlie task performance?
Pay satisfaction, promotion satisfaction, supervision satisfaction, coworker satisfaction, satisfaction with the work itself
People often evaluate their job satisfaction according to specific facets. What are those facets?
-Variety -identity -significance -autonomy and -feedback
Which job characteristics can create a sense of satisfaction with the work itself?
1. Ability 2. Benevolence (the degree to which authority wants to do good for trustor), 3. Integrity
What dimensions can be used to describe the trustworthiness of an authority?
-moral awareness -moral judgement -moral intent -ethical behavior
What is the four-component model of ethical decision making?