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GCSE Religious Studies 2020-2022 [DONE!!!]

In English

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What are the 2 creation accounts?

The first one is when God created the world in 6 days and rested the 7th and the second one is all about Adam and Eve

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122 questions
What are the 2 creation accounts?
The first one is when God created the world in 6 days and rested the 7th and the second one is all about Adam and Eve
What is the Holy Trinity?
The Holy Trinity is the belief of God in three forms, The father, son and Holy spirit.
What are the Omni words?
Omnibelevonet [all loving.] Omniscent [All knowing] and Omnipotent [all powerful]
What are the two places Christians get sent to when you die?
They either go to Heaven which is eternal peace and ruled by God or Hell which is suffering and ruled by Satan, [The Devil]
What are Jesus's followers called?
It is called Disciples.
What did Jesus do to get himself Crucified?
Jesus was claiming to be God and in those times, that was a religious offence. He was also a threat to the Roman authority
What is crucifixion?
This is when you get hung from the cross
What did Christians believe when Jesus died?
Christians believe that Jesus had died for all our sins and that we were forgiven and can start the relationship with God anew.
What word would describe the relationship after Jesus had died.
The word would probably be Atonement which means to restore the relationship between people and God.
What did Jesus do when he got crucified?
He was resurrected which basically means brought to life. this proves how powerful he really is.
What did Jesus do when he was brought back to life?
He stayed on earth for a fornite until he ascended to heaven to be with God and will come down soon.
What is Akhira?
This is the belief of life after death.
Explain the process of Akhira
When you die, two angels come down and ask some questions. How you answer them on top of the sins you did will decide what hand you'll receive the book of life. left hand equals hell while right hand equals heaven. This also happens on the Day of Judgement which is announced by an angel. After that, they walk on the bridge of siart. They fall equals they go to hell.
What is a prophet?
It is when someone comes down to spread or bring the mesage of Islam. Examples are Isa [Jesus] Musa [Moses and Ibrahim [Abraham]
How did Adam and Eve break the rules.
Adam and Eve was the first people yon Earth. They broke the rules by eating the apple of knowledge by being tempted by Satan [the snake]
Why is Abraham so important?
Abraham is a role model from his obedience, kindness and loyalty to God. He is important in Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
How did he become important [Abraham]
He has had numerous stories. He destoyed idols that the local people calling them fake, which they were. He also almost killed his son because God asked him too until the last second when he sacrificed an animal [known as Id-Al-Adha.
Why is Muhammad important?
Muhammad is best known as the last and greatest prophet. In 610 CE the angel Jibril [Gaberial] gave him messages for him to recite. The messages were Allah words and eventually the messages received made up the Qur'an. He also challenged of Makkah to stop gambling, cheating and alcohol. He also had a night journey where he went to Jerusalem. Then he ascended to heaven to talk to other prophets like Jesus. He also produced the Shariah which his teachings and beliefs. When he died, two demoantions came up.
What are the holy books in Islam?
There are 5 books. The Qur'an is the words of God and revealed to Muhammad for him to recite. The Torah which was given to Moses and is the first five books of the bible. However additions and subtraction has been made The Psalms was revealed to David and his similar to the Psalms in the Bible. The Gospel was revealed to Jesus but was lost. Some of its messages however are on the Bible The Scrolls of Abraham, was revealed to Abraham but was lost and doesn't exist anymore.
What does Islam mean?
Islam means to surrender, obedience and submission
How many gods do they believe in? And is there a name to it?
They only believe in One god, Allah. They also call this Tawhid
Is there any rules in presenting him?
You can not draw him as this can offend Muslims because your limiting his power.
What are the two main demonation called?
They are called Sunni and Shi'a.
Why are they different? [suuni and shi'a]
They have many little changes but the main change is that Sunni Muslims believe that Abu Bakar succeed Muhammad while Shi'a believe that Ali was the successor
What is the holy book/scripture called and how did they get it?
It is called the Qur'an and was revealed to Muhammad for him to recite it as he couldnt read or write. The words in the Qur'an are his teachings and how they should behave.
What is the Sunnah?
This is Muhammad's teachings deeds book.
What does 'Allah Akbar' mean
'God is the Greatest
What are the qualites that Allah has?
Allah is: Immanent which means God is on Earth with life and on the universe right now. Transcendent which means God is outside and beyond life on Earth right now Justice [Shi'a] which means that God judges every human action and will be fair on his reward Merciful which means God shows compassion or forgiveness when he really could simply destroy you Fairness which means he treats everyone fairly. Omnipotent which means he is all-powerful Beneficent which means he is all-loving
What are angles?
Angles are messages who have to obey God. They look after humans and have a book at your death to see what you have done. They can take human form and if your an enemy to them, your an enemy to Allah. Some famous angles like Jibril [Gabriel] can give spiritual nourishment to people and Mika'ii gives nourishment through rain
What is the idea of Predestination
This means that God has out entire life planned out. However it can be intercepted differently. Sunni believe that God is so powerful, he really can determine everything but this will not affect behaviour. Shi'a believe that Allah is the creator of time and there really is no past, present and future.
What is a civil partnership?
A civil partnership is when a homosexual couple have a legal partnership with the same legal rights as a married couple
What is cohabitation?
Living with someone unmarried
What is adultery and is it allowed
Adultery is cheating and its allowed but its morally wrong.
Can u be a homosexual in Christainity
No, it says in the old testment that a relationship of two men is not allowed
What does sex mean for christians
It means a deep life long union in the making
How does Christiains use sex
It is said to respect it and not to infect other people or early pregnancy.
What is contraception
Methods to prevent a pregnancy
Is Christians aganist contraception
Only artifical ones. They believe that its selfish and is against Gods plan. But u should only use Contraception for situaitions.
What is family planning and is that forbidden
Family planning is in the name, planning your family. Christains are fine with this but should typically use the rythem way. Some people think this is ridicoulous.
Is abortion allowed
No, it is looked down as a life is forming and killing it would be devasting
Do christians accept homosexual couples.
No, not because of equal rights, but the nature of marriae. Churches still do oppose same-sex marriages [some]
What do christians see marriage as
A sacremnt lifelong union that is bless by god and that can bring life into earth. it is to secure a stable enviornemnt for family life.
Is cohabiton looked down on
Yes and no. its split with the orthodox and catholic side saying its sinful while anglican and protestant agree.
Is it adultery if you divorce and remarr someone else
Yes but only if the divorce was not unfaithfulness.
How do churches help failing couples
The church tries to help them while keeping the marriage. this is done to protect the vows said.
What is a annulment
This is the catholic church saying it was never a valid marriage
What is a nuclear family
A couple and their children.
What is a step family
A remarried couple and children
What is a extended family
A family and children with the addition of grandparents, unclue etc
What do Christian parents want
They want their children to respect and form relationships.
What is polygamy
Having two+ wives
What is bigamy
The offence of having two+ wives
Why do christians not approve of same-sex parents
Its not the ideal way for children to grow up with, although others disagree strongly
What is procreation
Bringing life
What do parents do to their children
Educate them in their faith and be good rolemodels
What does the church say about familes
Parents and children have to respect and honour each other
What is gender equality
Men and women have the same rights
What is gender prejudice
Judging someone via their gender and gender only
What is gender discrimination
Acting against someone via their gender this is illegal
What do christian think of this
Gender equality is good. people were created as equals in Gods image. the story of Mary and Martha is demonstarted. Some think that men is the head of the family, and the wife should stay at home and take care of that. This is questioned tho
What is the Percentage of Christians in the World?
It comes to a huge 30-35% Percent of the Population. However, the Commitment is varied within the People that follow it
How old is Christianity, and what did it base it on? How did it grow?
It was based on Jesus's Death, which happened 2000 years ago. It started as a few followers, that spread Jesus's Teachings, and these Teaching's would go to influence Jesus's Disciples, and Paul. Then the Roman Empire made it the Main Religion in the Country
What happened in 1054? What happened in the 16th Century?
-1054 saw the split with the Western Roman Christianity [Catholic] and the Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This was mainly set in the Eastern Europe side -16th Century saw Martin Luther cause the Protestant Side to appear, which broke away from the Catholic Side because they didn't agree with some of the Catholics Practices -16th Century also saw England split from Catholic, and make a Church of England
What does it mean when Christianity is a Monotheistic Religion?
-Means that there is 1 God in Christianity, who Created, and Upheld Everything
Quote to Uphold the Monotheistic Part?
'We Believe in 1 God' [Nicene Creed] 'I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other Gods before me' [Exodus 20:2-3]
What gender is God?
-None. He is called 'he' or 'father' but he doesn't Exist with those Restrictions, and is sharing both Male and Female Characteristics
How can God be Described?
-God is hard to Describe -In John 4:24, God is a Spirit, and Spirit does not have Flesh or Bones [Said in Luke 24:39] -This is Conflicted however, [Hebrews 1:3] as Jesus was God's son, and is God in Human Form. -God is also Holy, which means he is Out of the Picture, for a Special Reason, and should be Worshipped for it
Is God believed to be Perfect?
God is Perfect, and he posses Qualities or Attributes, that might be Impossible for Humans to take hold off
God is Omnipotent, what does that mean?
-God is all Powerful, and wields Total Authority. -God can do Anything he wishes for.
Quote for God is Omnipotent?
'Nothing is impossible with God.' [Luke 1:37]
God is Benevolent, what does that mean?
-This is major for Christians as this can says that God Loves Humans, and wants the Best for them -Benevolent means All-loving, and All-good. -Since God created Humans, he wants to Give them his Love, so Christians are pushed to treat others with Kindness and Care.
Quote for God's Greatest Act of Love [Benevolent]
-God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life' [John 3:16] In a nutshell, he sent his son because of his love to us.
Quote for Definition of Love?
'Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrong. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always Protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails [1 Corinthains 13:4-8] In a nutshell, Love is Love, and it won't let you down
What does the Quote [Deifying Love] do to Christians?
-The Boxes that Christians should dream to achieve. -This is very important for some, so its read in their Wedding
God is the perfect giver of...? Why is he the Perfect giver of...?
He is the perfect giver of Justice, as he is all Powerful [Omnipotent] and all Caring [Benevolent]
Since God is the Source of Justice, what will he never Support?
-He will never agree with Injustice, Ill-Treatment, Prejudice or Oppression. -This knocks on to Christians also not doing this as well.
Since God is all Loving, why does he allow Suffering and Evil?
-Christians say that he treats Everyone Fairly, and that he will not Judge someone Wrongly. -Christians will always stick by God, even in bad times [World War 2, The Great War, 7 Year War]
What is the Concept of the Trinity?
This is simply God, in 3 Persons, which are: -The Father -The Son -The Holy Spirit
How easy is it to describe the Trinity? Why?
It has been a mystery for a very long time, and is still at question The Trinity when comparing with Humans has the Result of it doing not much. Christians have said however of what the Trinity is like, giving more Depth into it
What does the Trinity tell you?
-Its that there is 1 God -The Person of the Trinity is, and like God -The Persons of the Trinity, are not the Same [The Father is not The Son]
Where can 'The Father' come from?
-The First Person of the Trinity, is the Father. -God, The Father is the Creator of Earth, and everything Living on it. -He is a Good Father for his Children, and is: -Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent [All-Loving], Omniscient [All-Seeing], Omnipresent [Present all the Time]
Where can 'The Son' come from?
-The Second Person of the Trinity, is the Son of God -This was Jesus, an Incarnated being on Earth -The Son of God, was fully Human, on Earth, and fully God, all the time
Where can the 'Holy Spirit' come from?
-This is the Last Person of the Trinity. -When Jesus left the Earth, the Holy Spirit was Sent in, to make sure the Earth was fine, and still Informed -The Holy Spirit is then Unseen Power of God. It happens all the Time in the World [Past, Present, Future]
Who created the World, in Christians Eyes?
-God did, he created Everything
Quote of Genesis, how did the Earth Form?
"In the Beginning, God created the Heavens, and the Earth.. Now the Earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, 'Let there be Light,' And there was Light." [Genesis 1:1-3] Nutshell: God created Everything
What do Christians say on the Genesis take on Creation?
-It might not be accurate in terms of Science -It has Religious Truths on how God had the Choice on the Creation, and his Design.
How does the Genesis Creation Account keep it going?
-Goes on to say that the Universe was Created in likes of God -In 6 Days, he made Earth, Earth
Do Christians believe the God made the Earth in 6 Days?
-Split. -Some say that he just Didn't Create Earth in 6 Days, but some say that he is just that Powerful -However, they agree that God is the Creator, which is Crucial for Christianity
How can the Trinity be Linked into the Genesis Creation Account?
-In the Section, the 'Spirit of God hovering over the waters' has reference to the Spirit of God always being here, in the World -The Creator could refer to the Father, as the Father is known for Creating and looking after his Children
Quote: What was John's Creation Account?
"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made" [John 1:1-3] Nutshell: God, and the Word, Created everything through their Ideas
In John's Creation Account, who is the Word?
-The Word could be God the Son, who would become Jesus. -This means that the Son was Involved with the Creation as well -This means the Whole of the Trinity was involved with the Creation
What did John's Creation Account tell us about how John felt about Jesus?
-Since this can be about Jesus's work, and Participation of the Creation, John saw Jesus as God the Son, and was in the Oneness of God.
Why is the Trinity involved with the Creation?
-The Trinity is here, because our Minds can not Comprehend that God made Earth -It can make this 'mess' into a Divine Mystery
Jesus is what of God's Form?
Human Form. Jesus is God in Human. This is a Basic Belief